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Commercial Painting Services From Trusted and Certified Pros

Are your office walls looking yellowed, or are there big cracks in the plaster? Do you want to spruce up your walls while launching a re-brand? A Plus Pro Painters has you covered by providing professional commercial painting services and more. We help you attract new customers while retaining your dedicated ones. Our team also ensures you and customers are safe, thanks to our EPA lead certifications. We will remove old paint quickly and get two new coats up to get you back to work. Time is money, which is why you should choose a professional and certified team like A Plus Pro Painters. Our commercial painting services are unparalleled in the Reading, PA area. Call today and get your free proposal.

A Plus Pro Painters Commercial Painting

Interior and Exterior Commercial Painting Services

A Plus Pro Painters works with you to create a wonderful experience and build a lasting relationship with our interior and exterior commercial painting services. We can offer suggestions for colors or match your ideas to create a unique experience for your customers. Even when refreshing the current color, you still need it cleaned for the paint to go on smoothly and dry clean. Our team cleans all surfaces before opening the first can of paint. We take care of the walls, trim, doors, and everything else you need painted. All areas see our required two minimum coats of paint for thorough coverage. You can also expect us to caulk all open seams and joints to prevent moisture from ruining your walls and causing more issues down the road.

A Plus Pro Painters Helps With Your First Impressions

If your walls look dirty or are an outdated color, many Reading residents may not want to step through your doors. Either way, they will take one look at your building and develop their first impression and decide if they should do business with you or not. Draw them in with brilliant colors or retain a more professional tone with more neutral colors from A Plus Pro Painters. For more than 30 years, we have provided commercial painting services. We stay on top of trends to help you bring in the most business.

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