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Trust Our Experienced Exterior Painting Pros

Are you looking to give the outside of your home or office a brilliant splash of new color? Rely on the experts at A Plus Pro Painters. Trying to tackle this project on your own can get dangerous and cost you a lot of time. Our painters have the tools and knowledge necessary to accomplish your task with ease. We get the job done on time and with as little interruption as possible. If you do not have a color in mind, we will help you make the best choice to go with your current aesthetic or encourage you towards a new and daring style. Our team comes equipped to handle every portion of the project without going back and forth to your building and the office. Call today to receive your free proposal, and let’s begin this next big project together.

A Plus Pro Painters Exterior Painting

The A Plus Pro Painters Exterior Painting Process

Having completed exterior painting services for as long as we have means we know how to move swiftly. There is much to do outside your house or office building before we open the first can of paint. All steps are crucial to ensuring your color looks as brilliant as you imagine. Your building’s exterior inevitably takes a beating due to rain, snow, direct sunlight, and more. We get it into top shape with the following steps before providing our professional exterior painting services.

Our Professional Exterior Painting Services

Power Washing

We need a clean surface to paint. To achieve this, we power wash all surfaces to remove any mold, mildew, or dirt. Trapping it under a new coat of paint only leads to future issues.

Scrapping & Repairing

We remove all chipping paint and nail on any loose boards to ensure the new paint has a smooth surface.


A Plus Pro Painters uses oil-based primer for all exterior painting jobs. We will also spot prime any bare or new wood to help it seal and bond with your chosen stain.


Count on us to caulk all open seams and joints for a tight seal. This service helps prevent moisture from getting into your wood and causing rot. We use 50-year caulking on all exterior painting jobs.

EPA-Certified to Better Protect the Earth and Your Building

We care about the environment as much as we care about your building, which is why we decided to become EPA lead certified. The A Plus Pro Painters team ensure your walls, doors, and trim are lead-free to prevent any health issues from occurring while we update the paint used on your exterior walls. Your health is another top priority for our team of professionals.

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